Shirakawago is UNSCO Site and more famous for the Gassho traditional Japanese houses than the other smaller villages in Gifu prefecture. It’s a very popular tourist destinations in Japan. I invited in the spring time (Early March) and unfortunately it raining all day long. Spring is considered the best time to visited Shirakawago. Early April should be the best month throughout the year.

The overlook of the village from the hill top.

Inside the gassho house with the traditional fireplace to heat the house.

It’s one of the best site to visit outside the beaten path and the big city like Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto…

Gokayama Ainokura, Japan

Gokayama Ainokura UNSCO Site – It’s a small Gassho Community with all the traditional Japanese house.  It’s smaller than the Shirakawa-go and less famous too.  But it worth a visit because it’s much more quieter and less crowded than the Shirakawa-go.

It was light raining when I was in Takayama.

View Point from the hill:


Peak Design Everyday Backpack

When I first saw the kickstart project from Peak Design for the Everyday Backpack in Dpreview website around July 2016,  right away I back this project with the 20L Everyday Backpack.  It’s a expensive backpack and I have a high hope for this backpack.  In the years, I have few Lowepro backpack, Kata 3in1 backpack and many shoulder Bags.  Never completely satisfy any camera bags I had.

Wait for few months… In Dec 2016, finally received an email from Peak Design informed me that my new backpack was on the way to me.  What a wonderful news… It’s beautifully designed.

During 2017, I went 2 trips with this Peak Design Backpack. One by myself to Eastern Europe and one to Iceland Road Trip with family. Both trips I carried 2 Fuji X Series cameras and 4 lens, some filters and a tripod. It worked very good. But…. with the family, I prefer to have the shoulder bag instead which easier to change lens.


Nagoya Castle

I have a chance to visit Nagoya Castle in March 2016.


There have a huge garden in the castle as usual. I am lucky enough to see some flower in March.  Very nice people there.

My First Gimbal – Vimbles

Received my first gimbal last week and was waiting for their apps.  Just got the apps from the Apple AppStore finally.  It’s quite difficult to use/control it. Will spent some time to learn to use it and hope to get use to it before my summer vacation.

Sin & Redemption Pub

It’s located in Dundas West & McCaul St. It’s not small but the tables are packed together. It will be crowd during weekend night.  I guess it will not be too comfortable to eat in when during peek time. I have been here once for my company lunch few years back and it’s way too crowd . I tried their Lamb Shank which was tasty and delicious. That’s the reason I came here today.