Kyoto – A real lovely place

Beside the beauty places I blogged before in Kyoto (Inari-taisha, Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji).  The people in Kyoto are really nice and polite. When I was in Kyoto station trying to find the way to Ponto-Cho and GION, I girl and her boy friend came by and bring me all the way up to Ponto-Cho area.  They made me feel warm and home in the foreign country. … Continue reading Kyoto – A real lovely place

Higashiyama District

The path from Kiyomizudera and Yasaka Shrine is called Higashiyama District,  it’s the most preserved historic area in Kyoto.  All the merchant shops and restaurants are along both side of the street with the traditional wooden buildings. This Monk scared me from behind, he shout loudly when walking.  Unfortunately,  I don’t understand what he was saying. Yasaka Shrine (Gion Shrine). Continue reading Higashiyama District

Ginkakuji (Silver Temple 銀閣寺) Kyoto Japan

After visiting the Kinkakuji on the North West of Kyoto,  I took the bus to the North East of Kyoto to Ginkakuji, it about 45 mins and 15 mins walking time to arrived there.  I didn’t expect much on this temple after seeing the Golden Temple.  To much of the surprise, I like this setting a lot especially the Japanese Garden with the little pond. … Continue reading Ginkakuji (Silver Temple 銀閣寺) Kyoto Japan