Ginkakuji (Silver Temple 銀閣寺) Kyoto Japan

After visiting the Kinkakuji on the North West of Kyoto,  I took the bus to the North East of Kyoto to Ginkakuji, it about 45 mins and 15 mins walking time to arrived there.  I didn’t expect much on this temple after seeing the Golden Temple.  To much of the surprise, I like this setting a lot especially the Japanese Garden with the little pond.   Before I came to Canada for studying,  I was also consider to go to Japan to study the Japanese Landscaping.

DSC01160 STO_8420-Edit DSC01176-Edit

I had been Skype to my family in Canada every night while I was in Japan. Almost every times my daughter would asked me did I took photo of the Kimono Girl. My daughter was  doing a school project on Japan Architecture, Culture and Clothing. Unfortunately, I haven’t met one in my first four days in Japan.  Lucky that in Ginkakuji, I met two beautiful girls with Kimono.

STO_8432-Edit STO_8434-Edit

Met two more Kimono Girls on the street outside Ginkakuji.



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