Japanese Castle

I had plan to visit one Castle for my Japan Trip.  I picked Osaka Castle because it closed to Kyoto and easy access by the JR Bullet Train.  After reading the travel guide I got when I arrived Kyoto,  I immediately changed my mind to go to Himeji Castle instead.  Himeji is one of the largest and most visited Castle in Japan and it also registered  in 1993 as one of the first UNESCO world heritage site.  By just looking at the detail description and the photos of the Himeji Castle, it was a no brainer to choose Himeji Castle instead.  Oh well, it wasn’t turn out that way……  When I got off the Bullet Train in Himeji,  I saw something wasn’t quite right with the Castle,  why there was huge building beside the Castle?!?!  That was…  it was under a major construction…

DSC01183-Edit DSC01188 DSC01192 DSC01206-Edit

I spent around two hours in Himeji Castle and then took the Bullet Trans to Osaka.  Back to my original plan…



Inside Osaka Castle it is a museum.  Wasn’t worth the money to go inside in my opinion.  Oh my Castle hunt didn’t turn out good.  Wasn’t so bad either, at least I got some nice photos of the Osaka Castle.



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