Kyoto – A real lovely place

Beside the beauty places I blogged before in Kyoto (Inari-taisha, Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji).  The people in Kyoto are really nice and polite. When I was in Kyoto station trying to find the way to Ponto-Cho and GION, I girl and her boy friend came by and bring me all the way up to Ponto-Cho area.  They made me feel warm and home in the foreign country.  We end up in the British Bar to have a drink and some food.

Mr. Doi and Miss Nakayama.  🙂

DSC01004 DSC01005

GION at night,  because I loss some time in the British Bar,  I ended up at GION very late.



Nishiki Market


Kyoto Station




I stayed 3 nights here in Kyoto Tower Hotel which was clean and tidy.  Lucky that they ran out of the single room and gave me the double bed room.  And the most important was it very convenience which located beside the Kyoto Station.


Some street shotsDSC01155 STO_8407 STO_8445-Edit

This was my wrap up in Kyoto.  I enjoyed my Kyoto trip so much that I wanted to go back there in nearly future.


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