Sigma 35 F1.4 – A real Gems

I ordered the Sigma 35 F1.4 right after Sigma announced it late last year and I received it in mid Jan 2013.  I never feel I want/need to have the 35 mm lens and got discourage by the price of the Nikon 35 F1.4 which cost around 1.7K + tax.  I have been shooting with the Sigma for few months now.  It’s a real Gems considering the performance and the price of the lens.  It’s half the price of the Nikon 35 F1.4 G lens.  I never have the Nikon, so can’t compare anything.  But there are people in the internet did that and shooting both with test chart or whatever it takes to comparing both.  All other reviews site put the Sigma 35 on top of other 35 mm lens manufacturing by Nikon, Canon, Zeiss or whatever brand.  Now, it’s my favours lens, and it always mounted on my Nikon D700.

Sigma 35 F1.4 look:

STO_9449 GEN_9998 GEN_9995

Photos from the Sigma 35 F1.4:

STO_9697 STO_9705 STO_9319

Walk around Kensington Market Toronto to shoot some colourful shops.

GEN_0095-Edit GEN_0094 GEN_0093 GEN_0087-Edit

Unionville Main Street.

GEN_0046-Edit GEN_0081

Low light shoot , Toronto Earth Hour Last Week:



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