Japan Famous Landmark

Mount Fuji or Fujiyama,  I didn’t plan to see the Mount Fuji in my Japan Tokyo, Kyoto trip.   I knew that I can see Mount Fuji on the Bullet Trains from Kyoto to Tokyo.  It’s around Shizuoka area.  I reserved the Seat on the Mountain side.  Around Shizuoka,  I kept looking for the Mount Fuji and got my Camera ready to fire. I took about 8 photos to get one good.   Imagine the Bullet Trains was running around 200 + km / hours.

Got ready to go back to Tokyo at 5:58 am, not many people.


I am very happy with the result.


Very crowed in Tokyo as always… I thought there was some free stuff giving out… 🙂



One Comment Add yours

  1. Miso Shiru says:

    Awesome picture! I tried a couple times when I rode the bullet train but there was always hazy weather or I would miss it!

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