Shibuya – The famous Crossing

I saw the the Shibuya Crossing on TV, Magazine and Internet many many times.  Can’t miss it when I travel to Tokyo, Japan.   You won’t feel that atmosphere by just looking at the photos.  I went there in the afternoon, but decided to go there again the next day at evening.  Highly recommended go there at evening time  It’s so much different between day and night.   It’s the most busy junction in Tokyo.  The whole area are packed with shops, restaurants.  Young people, Students/Teens are everywhere around the Shibuya Station.  They are shopping the whole afternoon in the Shibuya 109 and Men 109 building.  There are Hundreds of fashion shops in there.  I spent couple hours in the Shibuya 109 (all young girl clothing) building trying to buy some cloths for my wife and my daughter, the cloths there are very expensive.

Shibuya at day time:

STO_8554 STO_8563 STO_8570 STO_8576

Shibuya at night, you can see the different at night.STO_8669 STO_8679 STO_8695 STO_8696 STO_8698

Shibuya 109, all about girl/teens, the whole building around 8/9 floors with hundreds of shops.STO_8703


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