Flowering Time II

There are a lot of opportunity to shoot flowers around Toronto in the month of May.   I bring the camera with the Sigma 150 F2.8 to work today.  I walked around Osgoode Station area to shoot this set of photos.  Very difficult to handheld the Sigma 150mm in the Macro distance especially with some wind.   Oh well, these are the best I got today.


KF-20130510_0001 KF-20130510_0007 KF-20130510_0012 KF-20130510_0017

A few squirrels running around to get some food.KF-20130510_0028 KF-20130510_0034

I found it very hard to get a good photos of the Tulip in any angle.KF-20130510_0044

KF-20130510_0047 KF-20130510_0050 KF-20130510_0051


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