Ginza Tokyo

Ginza is one of the area that JR Trains line didn’t reach.  I had to take the Metro Subway Line to go there.  I could have walk from the Tokyo station. But getting tired after walking 10+ hours each day in the past 6 days in Japan.

Ginza is most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertaining district.  There are many high end shop there including Cartier, LV, Chanel, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Burberry and others.  Can’t really name it all.   It is like Bloor Street in Toronto plus few more big Japanese Department Stores.  I went into LV and Burberry to check the prices.  There is only small different between the prices in Toronto.

DSC01406 DSC01409 DSC01421 DSC01423

Chuo Dori street will get closed down for shopper to walk on the road around 12:00 on the weekend.DSC01433 DSC01439-Edit STO_8584

Student news reporter??  I stand there for few minutes try to see what this is about… I realized that I don’t know Japanese at all… 🙂
STO_8591 STO_8592 STO_8597 STO_8600


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  1. meagan8477 says:

    I REALLY like the 2 photos of Chuo Dori street.

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