Perspective Control

I brought the Nikon PC 85 Macro F2.8 lens when Nikon discontinued it four years ago.  It got replaced by the newer Nikon PC-E Macro 85 F2.8.  It only can focus down to 1:2.  When I received my lens I briefly open the box and took few pictures using it.  Packed it back to the box and store until two days ago.  Basically it still a new lens.   🙂   🙂

After few flowers shoot with the Sigma 150,  I remembered the Nikon PC 85mm can do Macro, plus the selective focusing.  Take the lens out for some exercise.

KF-20130712_0005 KF-20130712_0015 KF-20130712_0018 KF-20130712_0026 KF-20130712_0029 KF-20130712_0035 KF-20130712_0050


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  1. meagan8477 says:

    I really like the photo of the purple flower buds. So nice!

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