Long Time

I have not blog for a long time.   I spent close to 2 years to renovate my basement.  So there was no time to take pictures and blog.  I finished my basement last year.  I only worked it after work and on weekend.

Framing time, it was easy to do and took me just about a month to finish it.  Only the boxing was a little tougher than what I expected.

Drywall, I made a stupid mistake to install all the insulated pot lights in the basement. I had to measure  and cut out all the ceiling drywall for all the pot lights.

The toughest part of the task was the mudding, sanding and painting.  It took me more than three months to finish it.  It was very dirty and painful to do.  I think I won’t do it again by myself.  I rather to hire the contractor to do it next time.  But it was a good experience.

Almost there, and my basement open concept theatre was looking good.

Here is my finished recreational basement.  It has a fools ball table, Ping Pong table, TV with some Game Console, Elliptical… etc…

Very Satisfy with the result… 🙂



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