Sansotei Ramen (三草亭)

There are two Sansotei Ramen Restaurants close by my work place. One is in Dundas St West and the other is in Yonge St. I can easily to access to both Sansotei Ramen Restaurants. This time I chose the one in the Yonge St due to much less people line up during lunch time. There are always have people line up for lunch.  I have to go there before 11:30 am to avoid the crowd. When I arrived, there are only 2 tables left.

I like the bamboo decoration inside the restaurant. Also the wall and ceiling decoration are very unique and beautiful.

But the Ramen is a little bit two small compare to other Ramen restaurants around GTA area.  But it’s indeed taste very good and this is one of the best Japanese Ramen restaurant I believed.  There are 4 Sansotei Ramen Restaurant around GTA and 1 in Ottawa.  There is no doubt they are one of the best Ramen in town.

I picked the Tonkosu Black with thin noodle which is the one I love the most.  The soap base is not too strong and not too salty.  This is perfect for my taste!  Next time may try the Spicy Tan Tan.


Before I finished my Ramen, there started to have people line up inside/outside the restaurant.


Five smiles …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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