Peak Design Everyday Backpack

When I first saw the kickstart project from Peak Design for the Everyday Backpack in Dpreview website around July 2016,  right away I back this project with the 20L Everyday Backpack.  It’s a expensive backpack and I have a high hope for this backpack.  In the years, I have few Lowepro backpack, Kata 3in1 backpack and many shoulder Bags.  Never completely satisfy any camera bags I had.

Wait for few months… In Dec 2016, finally received an email from Peak Design informed me that my new backpack was on the way to me.  What a wonderful news… It’s beautifully designed.

During 2017, I went 2 trips with this Peak Design Backpack. One by myself to Eastern Europe and one to Iceland Road Trip with family. Both trips I carried 2 Fuji X Series cameras and 4 lens, some filters and a tripod. It worked very good. But…. with the family, I prefer to have the shoulder bag instead which easier to change lens.



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