Peak Design Everyday Backpack

When I first saw the kickstart project from Peak Design for the Everyday Backpack in Dpreview website around July 2016,  right away I back this project with the 20L Everyday Backpack.  It’s a expensive backpack and I have a high hope for this backpack.  In the years, I have few Lowepro backpack, Kata 3in1 backpack and many shoulder Bags.  Never completely satisfy any camera bags … Continue reading Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Sin & Redemption Pub

It’s located in Dundas West & McCaul St. It’s not small but the tables are packed together. It will be crowd during weekend night.  I guess it will not be too comfortable to eat in when during peek time. I have been here once for my company lunch few years back and it’s way too crowd . I tried their Lamb Shank which was tasty … Continue reading Sin & Redemption Pub

Sansotei Ramen (三草亭)

There are two Sansotei Ramen Restaurants close by my work place. One is in Dundas St West and the other is in Yonge St. I can easily to access to both Sansotei Ramen Restaurants. This time I chose the one in the Yonge St due to much less people line up during lunch time. There are always have people line up for lunch.  I have … Continue reading Sansotei Ramen (三草亭)

Union Station Toronto

In these few years, there are major renovation happening around the Union Station and around the station.  The outside of the station seem very much finished, but the inside renovation still going on the second half of the building. It looks very good outside now especially the view of the CN Tower from the front of the Union Station. Continue reading Union Station Toronto