Nagoya Castle

I have a chance to visit Nagoya Castle in March 2016. There have a huge garden in the castle as usual. I am lucky enough to see some flower in March.  Very nice people there.

My Brother’s Nursery

  Visiting my brother in Hong Kong Feb 2016.  He got a new Mini for his wife and daughter.  I didn’t have the international driver license, otherwise I may took a spin on this cutie. The tree he grows are very expensive.  I never will pay that much money for a tree.  But it’s very…

Perspective Control

I brought the Nikon PC 85 Macro F2.8 lens when Nikon discontinued it four years ago.  It got replaced by the newer Nikon PC-E Macro 85 F2.8.  It only can focus down to 1:2.  When I received my lens I briefly open the box and took few pictures using it.  Packed it back to the…

Macro Flower

I owned the Sigma 150 F2.8 macro lens for few years but shoot macro only handful of times.

Flowering Time II

There are a lot of opportunity to shoot flowers around Toronto in the month of May.   I bring the camera with the Sigma 150 F2.8 to work today.  I walked around Osgoode Station area to shoot this set of photos.  Very difficult to handheld the Sigma 150mm in the Macro distance especially with some…

Flowering Time – Toronto

Haven’t write for while and getting lazy lately.  And very busy too. It’s flowering time in Toronto, shoot some flowers today.  I bought the Sigma 150 F2.8 few years ago but didn’t really used it in the past.  Hope I will find more use with this Sigma.  Enjoy!